"I love photography because I am able to not only capture the moment, but the soul and beauty of people."


Pamela J. Peters


Pamela J. Peters




(Hello in Navajo)

I was born and raised on the Navajo Reservation. I am born to the Tachii'nii (Red Running into the Water clan) and born for the Tl'aashchí'í (Red Bottom People clan).  As an Indigenous photographer and a storyteller, I develop photographic narratives that illustrate the real stories of American Indians within the environments and communities that they live in. I capture the emotions, the beauty, and the modern reality of American Indians. 

My work has been featured in Indian Country Today Media, Reuters News, Navajo Times, American Indian Quarterly Magazine and many bloggers, online publications and news outlets. Additionally, my photography has been exhibit at 118 Winston Street - These Days Gallery, Venice Arts Center, LACDA and in November 2015 at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

"Through my indigenous lens, I am attempting to restore and reappropriate an indigenous visual sovereignty. "

My fascination with photography comes from the catchphrase “capture the moment.” As a child living on a tribal reservation, I recall my parents having a Yashica camera that I was intrigued by. I would pretend to take images of my friends even though there was no film loaded in the camera. I would look into the mirror of the camera, direct images and click.  To me it was a game and a memory only I could capture, and it was something I enjoyed. I loved using my imagination. Now, my imagination takes flight and I am capturing them all on film.  

After experiencing many misconceptions of my identity and depiction of my life, I was determined to follow my dreams of producing authentic portraits of American Indians by bringing an indigenous aesthetic to my work..“