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"We live today knowing our history. We are the Still Here! . ”

Diary of Home

"As black as my hair the desert night descends - past my shoulders, past my red heart - the northern wind carries my song, my prayer. I miss home. " - pjp

My Indian Country

"The red and brown desert echoes my beating heart - like a drum it beats in an ancient, sacred way. The echoes are my ancestors' beating heart... calling  me ." - pjp


Los Angeles NDNZ

"Displacement from our Native Homelands has not caused  the “Indian” to disappear.”  - pjp

So. California Pow-Wows

“Many tribal members migrated to the major cities in Southern California, which created a pan-Indian community . These tribal members bonded and shared stories, tribal traditions, bead work, traditional food and dances, and created the urban Pow-Wow movement.“ - pjp


Pamela J. Peters



Pamela J. Peters